The portfolio

based on professional organised processes and workflow our well skilled and
experienced staff maintains an optimal combination of short-time TAT and low
costs considering the demanded level of service performance. By customized
solution packages we are able to meet the requirements of both business
customers (B2B) and end users (B2C) in any case.

Starting from classical bring-in repair our service portfolio contains logistics
services like swap and pick-up and return as well as spare parts sales,
customizing, park management and proper recycling of end of life equipment.
The total portfolio, you can find summarized in the following, guarantees
necessary conformance to the market and a high level of customer satisfaction.

  • repair of defective devices delivered by the customers and returned after
    repair by RELOS (Bring in)
  • repair of defective devices picked up at customers and returned by RELOS
    (pick-up and return)
  • exchange of defective devices at customers including central repair and
    takeover into the swap pool afterwards (Swap/DOA)
  • project-oriented customizing by hardware modification or software
    configuration (Staging)
  • sales/distribution of spare parts and accessories for dealer and end users
    (Accessory Swap)
  • park management including repair and hotline service for a defined range of
    customers equipment
  • recycling of end of life equipment according to the legal rules